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Fountain Sounds

What sound will my chosen water fountain make?

How loud will it be?

These are the two most common questions we get from customers thinking about buying a fountain but having trouble deciding if it is the right one for their needs.

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We thought we would try to break down the factors that relate to water noise levels to give our customers a better understanding of what to expect and how they can adjust and control the water sounds.

Water Fountain Sounds Explained

Distance of Falling Water

Many of the Tiered Garden Fountains have multiple levels of water basins. The water is pumped to the top of the fountain and the water flows down from one basin to the next, creating a fairly loud noise. This is due to the distance the water travels from one basin to fall into the water below, and the fact that this is happening multiple times simultaneously. The other end of the sound spectrum would include many of the indoor fountains which are designed to create a softer, more soothing sound of gently flowing water. The last thing you want is a fountain inside your home that drowns out conversation or overpowers your room! Our Tabletop Fountains generate very little water noise. Indoor Floor Fountains also generally do not create too much noise but are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere without sounding like Niagra Falls is flowing through your house.

Fountain Pumps Are Adjustable

Most of our fountains include fountain pumps which have a lever on them allowing you to adjust the water flow to create the appropriate water noise level for your fountain placement. Set at wide open, the water flow is increased to the maximum amount for that particular pump. It should also be noted that each fountain includes the appropriate pump to keep the water flow within the correct range. Dialing the fountain pump's water flow back will reduce the speed the water is pumped through the fountain and create a quieter water noise. This method gives you the most control over the fountain sounds.

What The Water Falls Onto Effects Fountain Sounds

A creative way to fine-tune your water fountain sound is to manipulate how the water flows or what it falls onto. If you are experiencing too much noise, you can reduce it by placing small rocks or pebbles in such a way as to give the water a quieter "landing place".

Reducing Splashing

Here are a few tricks to help reduce splashing: • Direct the water flow to the edge of the bowl • Rig a flat wire mesh screen on the surface of the water to catch the water stream • Use water plants or prop up some potted plants on bricks • Use river stones or slate piled above the surface of the water to create a hole that “catches” the stream coming out of the spout

We hope this helps answer our most common question. The greatest feature of having a water fountain in your home is experiencing the pleasing, relaxing, soothing sounds of gently flowing water in a beautiful decorative item. Unfortunately, fountains are very hard to find in a retail store or garden center. Buying your fountain online is the way to go, but it can be a difficult decision to make without seeing and hearing it online. That said, over 75% of the fountains sold today are bought online, and we have yet to have a client unsatisfied with their water fountain's noise levels after using these methods to control their fountain sounds.

TheWaterFountainStore.com would love to be your choice to buy your water fountain from. We specialize in fountains, and we hope to help many more learn about the many great advantages of having one in their home or office.

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Fountain Sounds