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Nemo's Window Fountain

Nemo's Window Fountain
Item #: Nemo-s-window
Reg Price: $1,495.00

This bright and colorful Nemo’s window is an excellent indoor wall water fountain from Harvey gallery. Designed in two-parts, it has the visually appealing abstract image in the forefront that immediately catches the attention of the viewer. The second part involves looking past the abstract image on the part of the viewer. The result is a vivid underwater scene but only if the viewer manages to look past the abstract image.

Part of the Stained galaxy series, this fountain reflects the beauty of stained glass panel with a polymer caning (lines separating the stained glass panel) on the front. It has the backdrop made up of highly-durable and virtually unbreakable material called Lexan. With the hand painted image onto the reverse side of the Lexan acrylic panel rightly enhanced by the LED light fixture, this fountain makes a perfect indoor water feature.


  • 28"W X 48"H, backlighting is included
  • Dimension: 48"H x 28"W
  • Weight: approx. 40 lbs.
  • Material: Copper and Acrylic
  • Usage: Indoor

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    Nemo's Window Fountain